10 Small Inventions That Have Made A Huge Difference

10 Small Inventions That Have Made A Huge Difference
10 Small Inventions That Have Made A Huge DifferenceMany inventions have made our life very easy and now we cant imagine our life without those inventions. There have been many big inventions like laptops, smart phones and internet etc but no one gives any thought into small inventions that made our life easy and had a huge impact on our way of life. What are those, you may ask?. If yes, then read through the following article.

#10 The Flip Top Lid

Undoubtedly its more easy and convenient to use flip top lid as compared to conventional lid as we do not need to remove the lid from the container and put the elsewhere ,which can be lost as well.

#9 The Remote

There were days when people had to go to the television to change the channels and adjust the volumes etc,but thanks to the invention remote we can do it while sitting on the couch relaxing and the remotes are not limited to televisions only.

#8 The Battery

Battery somehow a small invention but it changed the way we live our lives and who knew this small thing could be so important as our car, phones other appliances wont work without it.

#7 Knives

This cutting tool has made life so easy that preparing food without it can not be imagined at all. Along with it has a lot of other numerous uses.

#6 The Calculator

Calculator has been one heck of an advancement in the modern age and its uses are just countless whether it is used by the students, and in everyday life but if it is made extinct it will surely be missed a lot.

#5 The Razor

Shaving is a piece of cake thanks to the invention of razor many new forms of razor have been developed but razor is a need of everyone and its one of the master piece of human inventions.

#4 String

The clothes we wear and the all fabric around us have many little strings in them all woven up together and if strings were not there chances are we would  have been wearing all the clothes we do. Strings have other uses too like using strings in climbing mountains and etc.

#3 The Hearing Aid

The hearing aid has been like blessing for the sense of hearing as people who have difficulties in hearing have been helped a lot by this small device.

#2 Napkins

They are one of the most best inventions as they rendered clothe napkins useless in a way because they are disposable, cheaper and more absorbent.

#1 Footwear

Footwear was a simple invention with the task of protecting our feet but they have been transformed into a style statement and different versions of footwear are present now. But undoubtedly they are the best of all small inventions.

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