Freedom To Learn

Freedom To Learn

As a bird flies over the skies, under the heavens that are its shade…it feels the wind lifting its wings and assisting it in its flight. Carrying it towards its very destination with delicate care as if it was something fragile. As it continues its journey, the tree branches lean in and form a shade so that the bird in its beautiful vicinity and give birth to the progenitors of its future generations. To the ones who have yet to learn, to sense freedom and to grow in this world.

The universe itself determines all its laws, be it the law of gravity, the very law of motion or be it simply defined as the law of nature. The law of nature gathers each and every being in its vicinity and caresses him like a mother…providing nourishment and knowledge to the very infant it smothers with all its love. But the greatest of all, nature encourages learning; the acquiring of knowledge that for years we human beings have been driven to search for. It pushes us to a level where our mind becomes aware that we all have a common right…that is the freedom to learn.

Learning is by no means necessarily education. For a poor child who draws in the mud with his small fingers and a child who studies the school curriculum are both learning in the true sense. A human simply cannot exist without absorbing the knowledge his surroundings offer him. To us learning may mean education, but surely it is not? Learning is something done by each and everyone of us every single day. So one may ask where does the difference lie?

The difference lies in nature. A bird flying in the sky is carried by the wind to its destination, a shoal of fish learns to swim in the deep water when the mother fish guides it to the place it never knew, a plant lets its bud nourish nurture from it until it blooms into a new flower…Just like nature facilitates those who thrive with her help..our surroundings determine what we get to learn. The blessed among us get to learn knowledge in schools and universities. From the very best faculty and the best books. Those who do get knowledge in its more earthly forms are those who study in institutions but these do no determine where they will end up with the knowledge they so fervently acquire. These students certainly do not get the best of faculty or environment.

All they get is a chance to learn. And so they do as the very law of nature has paved their inevitable destiny. Then there are those who do not have any means of acquiring the education which is defined as “learning at its best”; but they do learn nevertheless. They learn about life, about whatever primary concepts their mind allows them to grasp. But the question we end up asking is where does the freedom go when there are classes even in the levels of learning? If learning at its best is education, why isn’t it the same for all? Why isn’t it free if its something that is counted as a right? Why we as human beings cannot afford the generosity nature has always offered us? The questions lie unanswered but never do  they get buried under the weight of circumstances. They stay forever, etched in our very souls until one of us gathers the courage to answer them.

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