Harry Potter – The Rebuttal

Harry Potter – The Rebuttal

Alright Harry Potter heads! Here is some of the best insights on the amazing fantasy world that is entailed in the Harry Potter novels …


The author has not made the Dursleys the sole representatives of the muggle world. They merely depict a part of it. Throughout the seven books, Arthur Weasleys obsession with how muggles are able to survive without magic, shows that muggles aren’t “stupid and brutal”. If they had been the entire muggle world would have been extinct ages ago! Hermione is a prime example of someone who is an intelligent muggle born combined with compassion for everyone.

Evil wizards

The Malfoys, Voldemort, Crabbe, Goyle balance out the positive effect Harry has created. The author has indeed shown both sides of the picture.

Hermione Granger

Her intelligence has played an integral part in helping Harry rationalize every situation before acting. And it has always been for the greater good of wizards and muggles alike. Her breaking rules can be justified by the fact that she realized the gravity of the situation and knew Harry had to be protected at all times so that he could train to meet Voldemort. Essentially DA was her idea, and a good one considering how it helped them afterwards. She would not have been made prefect for two years if Dumbledore did not think she upheld rules and regulations.


She has merely portrayed how the wizarding world operates and is similar to the muggle world. Drinking is a socially accepted norm in that part of the world… It would be unfair if she simply wrote about Easter or Christmas, where drinking to celebrate a turning point in history also forms a part of the muggle world. In book 5, Hermione stops Ron from trying an inappropriate drink (Firewhisky), thereby setting a good example for the kids.

Witchcraft is good?

The Author’s intentions are being manipulated. She has shown that for every jinx there is a counter Jinx thereby establishing a fact that like everything else that exists in this world, magic also has two sides. One must look objectively before passing any decision. Not everything can be classified as black or white there are always some grey areas. Rowling has used the concept of magic to an age old epic battle e between good and evil, where good triumphs. Magic is just a medium to portray this.

Inducing defiance and mutiny

The quote from pg 73 is incomplete.

[Sorcerer’s Stone, Pg 73]

“Don’t, Ginny, we’ll send you loads of owls.” “We’ll send you a Hogwarts toilet seat.” “George!”
“Only joking, Mum.”

Its complete version and the example quoted from pg 72 merely show how similar the wizarding families and muggles are. Such teasing only makes it easier to connect with the book and the characters. It adds humour and a normal air to it; rejecting any possibility of wizards being superior to other worldly beings. EVEN WE USE WORDS SUCH AS MORON, JERK, AND STUPID, ETC WHEN FIGHTING WITH OUR SISTERS OR BROTHERS.

Harry a messiah?

Every once in many years, people with extraordinary leading abilities are born, who lead their people out of repression or slavery. Harry is dust an example of such a character that uses his abilities to instil in others the courage needed to overthrow any tyrannical person who endangers their liberty and freedom. The seventh book has proof enough to show that Harry does not defeat Voldemort single handed but has extensive help from his elders and his fellow Hogwarts students. Such people do exist in our world as well, like Nelson Mandela or Jonah. They become our heroes and role models because of their superior characters and sense of morality.

In my opinion, Harry Potter series have left an indelible mark on children literature. J K Rowling has created a new world, a world that every child can relate to, a world that has no boundaries as far as imagination is concerned. The Dumbledore controversy is no-where mentioned in the books! Although, I regard it as a cheap publicity stunt staged by Rowling, I hold fast to the fact that the book deserves its rightful share of respect.

Harry Potter has entertained us for many years, it is anything but satanic!

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