Should Travel Be Discouraged?

Should Travel Be Discouraged?

People have been travelling since time immemorial. This has resulted in benefits for both the travellers and the natives. However, global warming, environmental changes and terrorist attacks have all lead to the debate whether should travelling be discouraged? or indeed stopped altogether.

Over the centuries travelling has slowly destroyed the ecological balance of the planet. Forests have been cleared and fields grazed to provide land for the creation and development of tourist resorts and provision of infrastructure facilities. Due to improvement in technology the means of travelling have radically changed from walking to horse-back to boasts and ships to cars and now finally to aeroplanes and jumbo jets; which make airports a necessity. Air ports not only require large areas of land but also enormous amounts of capital. They are influential in attracting tourists as they provide convenience but they result in significant problems for the natives starting from increase in noise levels, constant disturbance to loss of habitat for the animals.

Loss of habitat has made many animals endangered and caused some to disappear from the face of the earth forever. The delicate eco-logical balance of the earth has been titled causing drastic changes in the environment. Moreover, travelling has led to many problems for the natives including loss of privacy, commercialization of their city and in some areas a gradual decline in their culture due to the influence of tourist especially in areas where the natives are impressed by the visitors.

On the other hand, travel has been beneficial to the natives and the travellers. It provides an interactive learning experience for both and teachers not only history and culture and but also tolerance, patience and compassion. It provides an opportunity for people to mingle with each other and mutually benefit by learning each other’s problems and helping out. It provides awareness of not only problems faced by the people buy about other global issues such as climatic changes and endangered animals as well.

Moreover, travelling has improved the lives of the natives in many ways; the provision of infrastructure facilities and promotion of tourism provides benefits for the locals as well as they also use these facilities. Generally, tourism has lead to economic welfare for the natives due to creation of job opportunities as well as the general inflow of capital by the government and the travellers.

Travel has its advantages and disadvantages. In order for it to beneficial measures need to be taken by the respective governments to ensure that travellers do not litter and pollute the areas. Moreover, the government should expand tourism in an eco-friendly way. Today’s complex world could collapse if people were not allowed to travel and move freely; there would be no trade, commerce and tolerance amongst the people. Travelling should be done in a way which reaps benefits for the locals, the travellers and the planet.

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