Parental Warning For Potter Heads

Parental Warning For Potter Heads
Parental Warning For Potter Heads
Parental Warning For Potter Heads

Harry Potter Series have finally come to an end- However the two writers below have something to talk about. It’s the ” CLASH OF THE TITANS!” Whom do you choose?

I confess that I bought the book only a month after it was released. Pitiful woes of Potter heads did not amend my state of mind. I just didn’t want to fritter my hard earned money on something that I knew would keep me on my guard at all times, unless I shoved it vehemently into the floo network. Now, all this isn’t to infuriate or exasperate those who washed-out July in the cellulose world of Number 12 Grimmauld Place. I am just venting my feelings now that the obsession is over and out. I indulged in the book and only came out when it said,

“The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.”

Never had I realized that Rowling had an intention behind the succession of these books. Harry Potter could not just be fiction that it drove kids and adults alike towards it but something much more sinister. As a result. I set on a task to unearth the chronicle behind Harry Potter. My plans were kept away from friends and family until I had real evidence on the decision I was making. My research was mostly from the Internet but I shuffled back to the first book, ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, which carried profound verification. I reflected and examined every aspect from a different point of view and my statements made me think over and over again.

I am aware of the fact that countless will not agree with me but my investigation has strong proof which might change the minds of many: Harry Potter is beyond doubt, Satanic!

For ages occultists have used fiction as a tool to manoeuvre the supernatural into gullible minds. It is not obvious at the earliest. This is part of the fact why they utilize creative writing for the purpose. Rowling is actually, by introducing Harry Potter, launching a boy she makes out as a messiah in her writings. The fact that only Harry can conquer the Dark Lord and stabilize the magical race sets him apart from others in a very exceptional way. He does not play to his skills but his skills play up to him. He is bonded with powers. which make him special and singular. Rowling, in the course of her fictitious wit and style. relates the story of a boy who is the only one who can save the wizarding world from devastation, hence comparing his abilities with someone undefeatable in nature.

The book teaches children to turn defiant and mutinous. When the youth admit Harry Potter as their hero, they in reality are admiring a young fellow who exercises bad language. is a rule breaker and lies wherever necessary.

The first book is full of name calling and detestable speech. As the book is for ages starting from 8, visualize what kind of impact it would have on kids all over the world. Imagine how these lines from Sorcerer’s Stone would manipulate a young one.

[Sorcerer’s Stone. Pg 72]

“Aaah, has ickle Ronnie got somefink on his nosie?” said one of the twins. “Shut up,” said Ron.

[Sorcerer’s Stone. Pg 73]

“Don’t. Ginny, we’ll send you loads of owls.” “We’ll send you a Hogwarts toilet seat.” “George!” “Only joking. Mum.”

[Sorcerer’s Stone. Pg 160]

“The Sorting Hat chose you for Gryffindor, didn’t it? And where’s Malfoy? In stinking Slytherin”

Hermione Granger was a student who respected rules and regulations at the outset. As a result she was not acceptable to Ron or Harry but when she started lying to teachers and covered up the troll incident, the boys happily befriended her, which demonstrates that Rowling has no regard for school regulations. and is indirectly teaching lawlessness as the story commences.

Rowling states the meaning of rnuggle in such a manner that it is revolting to read about the Dursleys from the beginning. What Hagrid told Harry at the beginning turns out to be very wrong if we look between the lines. The book actually shows that what the word denotes is anyone who considers it perilous or ethically incorrect to carry out magic! Rowling depicts muggles as not just non magical folk but people like the Dursleys- entirely loathsome and despicable. By giving an account of the Dursleys in all the seven books, she depicts muggles as stupid and brutal, with a heart made of stone. The only people worth mentioning in good words are the oh- so-good-to-be-true wizards such as Harry himself. There may be many negative roles in the book such as that of Draco Malfoy, but these characters do not modify our certainty of a regular wizard. However, the extensive portrayal of the Dursleys demonstrates that every muggle is the same. Rowling has never used appreciative words for non- magical folk. She writes about them in an approach that makes us assume them as dim-witted, fussy and occasionally nasty.

All this criticism of the muggles is a way to change our perception of witchcraft. Harry Potter makes us believe that the idea of witchcraft people had in the past was wide off the mark. But Rowling is gifted enough to never make this point very direct in the sequel. She knows her tactics and that is to deliver the message in between the lines.

Furthermore, Rowling is not familiar with what she is inducing into young Christian kids if not Muslims. Judge these lines:

[Sorcerer’s Stone, Pg 54]

“Everyone [in the bar] seemed to know Hagrid; they waved and smiled at him, and the bartender racked for a glass. saying. The usual. Hagrid?’

‘Can’t Tom. I’m on Hogwarts business.’ said Hagrid.”

[Sorcerer’s Stone ,Pg 18]

He couldn’t know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were -holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices. “To Harry Potter- the boy who lived!”

Many may not have noticed what our pompous author depicts in this picture. Ifs not just a trip to Diagon Alley or Harry’s survival from the curse. If it would have been like that. I would have been glad to remain calm but the circumstances are not so. Rowling believes that reasonable drinking for kids is acceptable! These examples do not demonstrate kid drinking but there are many examples existing for the case in the book. If I leave Islam and regard a Christian point of view, drinking for kids at the age of eleven is not at all allowed and parents in the west keep their brood away from this ghastly norm until they are abler enough to decide for themselves.

If Rowling was well-informed and was writing the first book for eight year olds, she should have kept the actual world in mind too. Drinking on occasions or drinking for no reason is not tolerable in Christianity as well as in the western society for young children, but Rowling effortlessly puts aside these moral ethics and only mentions common things like Christmas and Easter. Harry Potter isn’t a harmless sequel but a risky road to take for the sake of reading prose. It is not a book of magic and , fantasy but a place from which parents learn that their kids’ role models and heroes should not have been subjected to them from early on.

Most importantly. after reading Harry Potter, every reader has this sensation inside him or her that even if witchcraft is not present in this world or has died out completely, it has a good effect on them. In short witchcraft is not bad. Sure we have an example of Lord Voldemort as the dark wizard but Rowling conceals the particulars by saying that good beats evil [even if both are on the magical end]. If we look at the book from my approach, Harry Potter encloses many mysteries yet to be unravelled. It might have done some but the acceptance of these specifics is the primary step to recognizing what harm is being instilled in us as well as Christians alike.

It has been four years since I have been reading and rereading the books and some of you might have been doing it for more than that time period. My job wasn’t to disconcert any of you but to inform those who can understand what I am trying to explain. If Harry Potter has been the biggest book these years. it unquestionably has the biggest defects in it. Apparently nobody has seen them or don’t want to see them.

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